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Amicus filed before the Interamerican Court on the investigation, imprescriptibility and proportionate punishment of serious violations: Palacio de Justicia v Colombia
On 28 November 2013 Human Rights in Practice submitted an amicus intervention to the Interamerican Court of Human Rights in the case of Carlos Augusto Rodri­guez Vera y otros (Palacio de Justicia) v. Colombia Case No. 10.738.

The case emerges from a military raid of the occupied Palace of Justice building in Colombia in 1985, which resulted in deaths, detentions and disappearances. The case brought by the applicants alleges, among other things, that the state continues to fail to carry out a thorough and effective investigation.

HRIP's amicus curiae intervention addresses the nature of the obligations to investigate and to hold to account under international and comparitive law and practice. The intervention, which is available upon request (in Spanish), sets out international standards in relation to the exclusion of amnesty for such crimnes, their imprescriptibility, and the obligation to punish with proportionate penalties.