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Submissions filed on implementation of the Abu Zubaydah v Poland judgment
On 28 May 2015, submissions were filed with the Committee of Ministers (COM) of the Council of Europe on the implementation of the landmark Abu Zubaydah v Poland case. The judgment of 24 July 2014 became final on 16 February 2015, and it now falls to the COM to oversee its implementation by Poland. At its first session in March 2015, the COM urged Poland to seek assurances to avoid the 'flagrant denial of justice' currently facing our client in Guantanamo Bay. Poland has filed a cursory update on the (as yet inadequate) steps it has taken to implement the judgment, though its fuller action plan is due in August. In these submissions we push for a comprehensive approach to implementation, including through truth, justice and accountability in Poland and a process of reflection and reform to ensure that lessons are learned and non-repetition is ensured for the future. We also set out the sort of assurances that are needed to avoid the 'flagrant denial of justice' in our client's case, and for the US to bring Zubaydah back within a rule of law framework.

See the submissions here.